“My destination is no longer a place, rather a new way of seeing.”

~ Marcel Proust

“Work is a constant invisible question, sometimes nagging, sometimes cajoling, sometimes emboldening me; at its best beckoning me to follow a particular star to which I belong.” ~ David Whyte

Our vision is to enable leaders to respond to the complexity while optimizing what is possible in themselves and in others. Our commitment is to work with you to create new possibilities while being pragmatically grounded in current realities.  Our Executive Leadership Coaching and Organizational Strategy consulting focuses on the awareness of how things are, how things want to change, and how to connect to possibilities through radical self inquiry and new practices that serve as the foundation for real and lasting transformation.

Everything is workable, and is a path to our wholeness…especially work, where we spend most our time, exercise our resources and in best case scenario, grow and thrive.


This enso symbol signifies an incompleteness and openness that allows for movement and development. For us, it represents leadership in action that takes us both into the Self and beyond ourselves at the same time. It represents leadership not as an end point, but as an ongoing practice that creates meaning and purpose in work and life.

Ready to explore what’s possible?  Let’s get started!

“What matters most at work is your humanity. Creativity and so-called soft skills are becoming more important because that is what cannot be automated.  These are the skills that will enable leaders and organizations to compete in todays’ environment of constant change and escalating complexity.”