“I have no desire to turn you into a harder worker. I have a desire to connect you to your innate abilities…”

The Heart of Embold:  Susan Penn

My passion is connecting leaders and organizations to what is important and relevant, knowing that when leaders align this with their actual core skill sets, it activates the desire to perform, not based on getting gold stars, but on the pure pleasure of living into their fullest potential as leaders. I believe there is a certain kind of cultural narrative, that efforting is a way to squeeze more work from us. I have no desire to turn you into a harder worker. I have a desire to connect you to your innate abilities and the internal source of inspiration and drive so that work becomes more fluid and easy for you.

I’m a certified executive coach of the ICF accredited Strozzi Institute for Leadership Development and have been certified in Authentic Leadership from Naropa University. With a masters and bachelors degree in psychology, my work combines a deep understanding of human behavior with over 20 years as an organizational and leadership development executive. I’ve led these functions in emerging life science organizations, mid sized technology companies, and large, public retail firms, and have had extensive experience coaching and partnering with executives and board level individuals throughout my career. 

Embold was created to add dimension and depth to what is possible for leaders.   It exists to provide leaders with a path to wholeness that leads to a more fulfilling and courageous life.  This happens through cultivation of all our resources, both the analytical and creative mind.   This left/right brain & body approach supports leaders in accessing the wisdom that resides in their intuition, their instincts, their ability to sense into challenges and possibilities, their feelings and more.   This enables leaders to connect the dots quickly, cultivate resilience, and manage triggers which can derail even the best strategies and relationships. Embold’s services offer a multi-dimensional approach that transforms the whole leader and the entire organization.  

“Change how you see and see how you change.”
~ Zen Proverb