“Explore cultural norms, identify dysfunction and improve

Organizational Culture Assessment

A common misconception is that leaders are supposed to have all the answers.  In fact, most leaders earn their way by asking the right questions. At Embold, we know what questions are important to ask that will enable leaders and organizations to lead change for the better.  We assist you in exploring cultural norms, identifying dysfunctions and improving communication to move you from vision to alignment and execution.  

Our organizational assessment process is grounded on the value of connection and is designed to elevate communication, engagement and trust.  We meet with select stakeholders in your organization and work with each asking the important questions, leading to in the moment, critical insights and connect the dots for rich, value add conversations which inform people and business strategies.

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“When people hear ‘flourishing,’ they think of appreciation and good feelings. But growth and development does not always equal ‘feeling good.’ We don’t define flourishing by sitting-around-the-campfire moments. We ask people to do seemingly impossible things.”