Leading in complexity requires that leaders engage their whole person, mind, emotions, body, energy, not as separate entities, but resources ready to be integrated through attention and connection.

IQ + EQ + SQ = your fullest potential.

We believe that education is an important part of any coaching and consulting relationship, but we do not stop there. For real and lasting transformation to take place, mind, heart and body must be engaged in the process. In service of this, the following are some of the modalities that inform our services.


At Embold, our methodologies are informed by leading edge research that is revolutionizing leadership development. Neuroscience, for instance, has increased our understanding of the pivotal role of the body in emotion, cognition, social interaction and learning. Neuroplasticity demonstrates that we are able to continually grow our capacities, and that the ‘neurons that fire together, wire together.” MRI research has brought to light the impact of our neurological responses of fight, flight, freeze and appease, which if unchecked, will run the show. Conversely, awareness of an individuals unique stress response enables regulation and choice, and grows the capacity to have more effective interactions with others.

Emotional Intelligence

We live in a complex and often triggering world. Good leaders seek to understand what drives their responses and fuels their reactions, and be present when triggered. At Embold, we work the leaders to access and embody their best self while transforming reactions that can derail interactions and entire careers.

We know that how leaders react (or respond) in crisis or when triggered makes all the difference in their ability to engage teams through safety and trust. We integrate somatic leadership and emotional intelligence modalities to work with individuals insuring that when challenges arise they have strategies and resources they can readily access that support a calm yet decisive approach that aligns with their values.

Leadership Presence

In order to get the best from people, leaders need to be relatable and influential. Your interpersonal effectiveness is always being scrutinized. The way you listen, engage and respond to the feelings of others determines the presence you portray.

Leadership presence is a game changer, and is so much more than grit, charisma or body language. It is more related to a combination of emotional intelligence and authenticity than external polish.

Leadership presence is a capability that leaders can cultivate. In the coaching relationship, we foster a growing capacity for you to show up in ways that are aligned with all parts of you, connecting intention with embodied actions and that reflect authenticity and positively impact your success in work and life.

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“If thinking were enough, we’d all be geniuses.”