“Becoming a leader is synonymous with becoming yourself.”

Leadership Assessments

Feedback is important in development because you can’t grow if you don’t know how you’re doing. Leadership assessments provide a valuable point of reference: it is information which you can refer to when assessing progress.  Leadership assessments expose weak areas and enable strategies for corrections which promote growth.  

The Quality Assessment Process involves in-depth interviews and results are compiled into a comprehensive report highlighting key points of interest.   You and your coach then devise a plan of action to grow areas of strengths and fine tune skills. 

This qualitative method of assessment provides a more nuanced report and is more aligned with the context of your overall goals. A quantitative tool may be more efficient but it does not provide the depth achieved from an in-person setting. This type of assessment also supports the value we place on having an informed and engaged relationship with our clients.

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“When people hear ‘flourishing,’ they think of appreciation and good feelings. But growth and development does not always equal ‘feeling good.’ We don’t define flourishing by sitting-around-the-campfire moments. We ask people to do seemingly impossible things.”