“We must shift the stories we tell ourselves. When we change what’s below the waterline, we change everything.”


“The tools I’ve learned I know I can take anywhere, any time. I know I will always have something to work on, and now I feel that I have the tools that I need.”

CEO / Pharmaceutical Industry

“I’m very proud of the work I have done this past year. I’ve put in a ton of effort, but it has been transformational. I want others to see what a great leader is, and that I want others to win.”

VP Client Success / Technology Industry

“As a woman and business leader, it was both powerful and necessary to have a coach who would was not timid about providing me with honest observation and insight, but also someone whose experience and competence I could trust.”

CEO / Biopharmaceutical

“I’ve been working with Embold Coaching for the last few years and it has helped me to unleash my potential, grow my emotional intelligence and helped me to successfully navigate some extremely challenging interactions with colleagues.”

CHRO / Financial Services

“Susan’s deep understanding, experience and desire for creating and building healthy cultures, developing leaders and reframing change as opportunity for growth will profoundly impact any leader or company fortunate to work with her.”

Founder / Business Owner

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